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Our pink world map wallpaper mural is a vintage and beautifully classic detailed textbook-style political map with a pink twist perfect for those who want a map mural that is a little more quirky, guaranteed to create a brilliant focal point in any room of the home. The pink world map wallpaper mural is simply stunning and will match a range of interior themes and will work in various rooms of the house, particularly a nursery or kids' bedroom, injecting a burst of color to brighten up your space.


  1. Posted by rmearnest37, — Reply

    Is it just me or does anyone else hate seeing world maps? It just reminds me of how small this world is and how little I’ve seen it. And everything’s discovered. There’s no mystery. It’s boring

  2. Posted by 1000gec, — Reply

    hey. anyone wanna be ibfs? (internet best friends) you just need to be 11-14 and down to talk whenever!

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